53 Fun Ideas for a Girls Day Out [No Spend]

Are you planning a get together with your girls, and you need fun ideas for a girls day out? Here are over 50 ideas to have the best day with your girlfriends!

Through everything that goes on in your life, it may be hard to stay in touch with every one of your girlfriends. Having a girl day out or even an entire girls weekend is a great thing to enjoy and catch up. 

Plan these fun activities regularly, so you are spending quality time with the women that uplift you and give you joy. Believe me, having a girls weekend or a girls day out is one of the best times you can give yourself. 

Even if you’re a mom, there are no excuses. Give your husband the diaper bag and the grocery list, and you’re good to go. You can leave the house for a while to have fun! Unwind and pamper yourself with these best girls day out ideas.

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Mockup Girls Day OutMockup Girls Day Out

It Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive

A day just for the girls where you can catch up, dine out, have some drinks (Martini, anyone), and have fun. What if I told you that a girls day out doesn’t have to be expensive? That there are plenty of activities that you can do without spending money?

YES, you can absolutely have a day out with the girls for free. You decide how much you’re going to spend. Even if you’re looking for things to do with your girlfriend. It’s about the time you spend together anyway. 

You can have drinks, watch movies, play games, do some DIY spa time, and catch up. Doesn’t that sound amazing. 

Plan out the weekend with your gals. You can hang out at one of your homes, perhaps one of your friends has a cabin, or you could go camping

Do you want to get your friends a little something? Here are the best gift ideas for women who have everything!

✨What To Pack For A Girls Getaway?

Things to take with you:

Travel Bag


Comfortable Lounge Wear


Stylish Swimsuit


Stemless Wine Tumblers


Table Topics Conversation Starters


A Great Game 


Plenty of Snacks

53 No Spend Fun Ideas For Girls Day Out

Whether you’re planning a fun girls weekend getaway or a girls day out, there are a lot of things that you can do without spending money. Here are 53 fun ideas for a girls day out!

1. Manicures & Pedicures

One of the best ideas for a girls day out is to do your own manicure and pedicure. The majority of the girls enjoy beauty treatments, plus it doesn’t have to be expensive at all.

Some of your girlfriends will probably have a manicure or pedicure set. If they don’t:


Do your own fancy mani-pedi, and you will feel like a new person afterward. 

If you’ve never done this before, this will make for a lot of fun on your girls day out!

2. Try Something New

We’re all very accustomed to our own way of doing things and like to stay in our comfort zone. Make it a point of trying something new that you’ve always wanted to try. 

Try to each come up with something that no one (or most of the group) hasn’t done before and go for it!

3. Watch The Sunset

Watching the sunset always has something magical. The beautiful colors in the sky and no two are the same. 

You can combine this with a short hike or dinner – depending on what you feel like. It is one of the free things to do that are very enjoyable. You can go on some outdoor adventures while you’re looking for the best places to watch the sunset.

4. Have A Homemade Brunch Outside

All bring your favorite brunch dishes and have a homemade brunch. You don’t need to get to a fancy restaurant to have a fun brunch. 

Ensure everyone actually brings something different, and you don’t end up with only sandwiches and no muffins. 

5. Go Hiking

One of the best ways to have frugal fun is to go hiking. Find a hiking trail near to where you are and go on an adventure. It’s a great way to explore new places, and you’ll probably see some beautiful things. 

Don’t forget to bring water, sunscreen, and snacks!

6. Truth Or Dare

A game to play with your friends that’s always great when you want to have fun is truth or dare. Get everyone involved and open up to each other even more. 

The things that come up will be entirely dependent on the place you’re playing it. This game is unpredictable and always a LOT of fun. 

Here is a truth or dare card game to get the creative juices flowing all night:

7. At-Home Spa Day

There are many ways to treat yourself without breaking the bank, and a spa day is one of them. Spa treatments are the ultimate girls pampering activity. Add in some champagne, and it will feel like you’re on vacation.

⭐ Here are the best at-home spa ideas:

Going to a spa resort can be a great way to rejuvenate and have a getaway experience if you want to have the resort feeling. You can do anything from a staycation with some spa services or be your own spa salon. Any of these options will make for a great weekend or day with your friends.

8. At Home Wine Tasting

All bring your favorite bottle of wine and have a wine tasting. You can do this at home, where there are no high costs involved. 

If you’re feeling fancy, you can also bring a cheese that goes with the wine. Let the fun begin!

If you’re more geared to culinary experiences, visiting wineries or vineyards may just be the excursion you need. It can be a delight to go for wine tastings on a location, just be aware that costs will go up as well.

9. Go For A Run

The ultimate fun idea for a girls day out without spending much is going for a run. Get out of the house and get some fresh air. Getting your move on with your friends will be fun. 

If you want to make it even more fun, dress up or have a special theme when you go for your run. 

Be sure to have loads of fun and keep it light, that is what your fun girls day out is all about!

10. Picnic In The Park

I love this one! It’s super simple, you just change up your meal and move it to a different spot. That’s all. 

Pack up your meal, find a nice place to sit down in the park, and enjoy! Many places have several different parks that you can choose from, making it easy to get to a park on foot or by bike. 

11. Watch A Movie (With Popcorn)

Do you all have the same favorite movie? Or another fun movie that you’re all keen to watch? Make some popcorn, sit back, and enjoy!

If the place you’re in doesn’t have cable, here are some cable TV alternatives.

If you want to do this without spending money, here are a couple of options:

Start your free trial with Amazon Prime Video & cancel it after you’re done.

Ask everyone to bring one favorite movie.

See if the place you’re visiting has any movies available.

12. Hit The Local Farmer’s Market

When you’re looking for ideas for a girls day out, why not go locally? Check out the local farmer’s market and see what kind of local fresh foods they have. 

There are always things you can try and taste without spending anything. You get samples which you can take home and turn into a nice lunch. 

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13. Go Camping

Having some outdoor fun with your girlfriends is amazing. Going camping is one of these fun activities. 

Make sure you have decent outdoor gear, and you will have a great time going camping. Whether it’s just camping somewhere close to home or not, you will have the feeling like you’re away on holiday, which is great. 

Connecting with your friends and having a relaxed time is super important!

14. DIY High Tea

Everyone likes high teas, right?! It’s extremely fun and super tasty!

Arrange a DIY high tea, where everyone brings their favorite snacks, and you can have a lovely afternoon. 

If you want some extra bonding, only bring the basic ingredients and make all of the treats together. 

15. Do A Mini-Makeover

When you feel like you want to go and look fancy, you can visit a local department store and go straight for the cosmetics. 

Many stores offer a free makeover, where they give you makeup tips and make you fool fabulous. When it’s not too busy, you can each get one. 

They often have great tips about what fits with your specific skin type, skin color, and eye color. Those tips may stick around!

16. Try A Yoga Class

Yoga is something that you can do anywhere, anytime. 

Simply set up a yoga mat (if you don’t have that available, something like a blanket or a towel will do). 

Pick a yoga video on YouTube you like and go for it. Giggles guaranteed. 

Plus, yoga is great for your body and mind. It increases your flexibility and stamina. 

If you don’t have the option to watch a yoga video, check if the local yoga studio offers free classes. Oftentimes you can take an introduction class to see if you like it.

17. Go To The Beach

Bring your favorite swimwear, a towel, some snacks, a volleyball, and sunscreen to have a great day at the beach. Visiting beaches for relaxation is great.

You can also bring some card games or some magazines if you’re bored easily. Swim in the sea, relax on the beach, and enjoy your day relaxing with your friends. If you don’t enjoy relaxing on the beach, you can always go for a stroll.

Monopoly - Fun Things To Do With No MoneyMonopoly - Fun Things To Do With No Money

18. Play Games

Playing board games is a fun activity that everyone has lying around. Bringing a couple of board games can be super fun, and make sure you have a good time. 

Classic games to play are Monopoly or Risk. Other favorites include Ticket to Ride, Settlers of Catan, and a recent favorite is Stone Age

Check your home, and you’ll probably find a couple of board games you didn’t know you had. Bring them and make for a fun girls day out. 

19. Socialize & Catch Up

The reason why you’re all together is probably that you want to catch up. You can do this simply by sitting around and talking to each other. 

I have had multiple girls days out where all we did is sit down and talk to each other for hours. It is a great way to bond, and you will be sure to know all the ins and outs of what is currently going on in their life. 

20. Make A Painting

Feeling creative? Make a painting. It is super fun to get some canvases, some paint, and paint away. 

If you want to make something similar, you could paint something like the outdoors or a fruit basket. Or you can just create whatever image comes to your mind. 

When we were younger, we did a lot of finger painting, and we loved that. Try to channel your inner child, and painting that way can be loads of fun!

Visit A Museum - Fun Things To Do With No MoneyVisit A Museum - Fun Things To Do With No Money

21. Watch Your Favorite Shows

Is there a favorite show you all had while growing up? Or a favorite show that you have just recently discovered and want to share? Watching your favorite shows together can be a great way to bond. 

If you’ve already seen the show, it’s okay to discuss what’s happening or just discuss some other things that come up in your mind. 

22. Go For A Bike Ride

Want to do something active and fun? Go for a bike ride. Exploring the surrounding area is much faster when you’re on a bike, you can get more places, and you can still catch up. 

Make sure to bring some sunscreen and water during the bike ride if it’s warm weather. 

23. Wander Around In A Park Or Garden

Wandering around can be a great way to see more of the area you’re in. Visit a local park and watch some dogs running around, you can sit down to enjoy your surroundings if you like it. 

Many places also have a public garden, where you can walk around and see beautiful flowers and trees. If you’re feeling inspired, you can take a couple of pictures to remember this moment in the future. 

24. Visit A Live Music Venue

Many places have a live music venue that often offers free shows to attend. Be aware that you all have to like the music style. 

If you want to go something low-barrier, in summer there are often free concerts in local parks. You can just sit down with your own drinks, enjoy the music, and chat away. 

25. Watch A Local Sports Game

Girls like sports too!

Check the local sports community and see if they have any sports games or leagues that are going on currently. Watching it live is very different from watching it on television. 

Watching a live game with your friends can be a great idea for a girls day out, and tons of fun are guaranteed!

26. Go Straight For The Drinks

Yes, many girls like their drinks at times. It’s fun to play some drinking games and get a little tipsy with your friends. Fun guaranteed!

Just be sure not to overdo it and keep things under control, things can get crazy very fast if you don’t watch out. 

27. Get Crafty

Channel your inner child and get crafty! Look for some ideas on Pinterest, and you will find the most incredible craft ideas. 

Look for some ideas you like, and there is something for everyone for sure! Have an entire afternoon of fun with this idea for a girls day out. 

28. Set Goals

Talking about your goals with your friends can be super beneficial. You can get their opinion, and they know where you want to go in life. 

On the flip side, you also know what their goals are and how you can support them. Perhaps you have some overlapping goals, and you can help each other get there. How awesome would that be?

29. Visit A Local Museum

Check out local museums, many of them will have free access on certain days of the week. Whether you enjoy a natural science museum or an art museum, you can find something for everyone.

If they don’t offer free access to museums, check out the local library. They may have some free access passes lying around that you can borrow. 

Quitting Caffeine The Awesome Benefits Of No More CoffeeQuitting Caffeine The Awesome Benefits Of No More Coffee

30. Have Coffee & People Watch

While not everyone may drink caffeine, decaf, or tea is always another option. Enjoy your drinks and go people watch. This can be in your garden, in the park, in a city, or anywhere you want really. 

If you want to go for an alcoholic alternative, going for a girls night out and exploring the nightlife can be a lot of fun. Go to the local brewery for some craft-beer, make your own cocktails, or indulge in a fancy rooftop bar. This girls-only night will make sure you have a lot of fun.

31. Go Window Shopping

 Go to the mall and indulge in a little bit of window shopping. Imagine yourself in the most expensive outfits and look at what this year’s fashion is like. 

You may be surprised by the new trends, and you can have a lot of fun checking out the favorite stores of your friends. 

32. Create A Walking Tour

If you are in a place that even has a city center, you can host your own walking tour. A self-guided tour is for all ages and even kid-friendly if you want.

Check the historical sites and cultural highlights and walk around to see them. Research a little about the history of the place and the walking tour will even get more interesting. In most cities, there is enough

If the weather is nice, bring your lunch and go for a picnic in the park. 

33. Take Photos

Looking for fun ideas for a girls day out? Unleash your inner supermodel and take photos with your friends. 

Most groups of friends have someone who is great with their camera, ask them to bring their tripod, and you can have loads of fun with that camera. 

Take lots of photos in lots of different locations. You may even dress up and shoot some fun photos. 

Channel your inner top model and pose in front of the camera. You will be surprised how much fun you’ll have!

34. Do A (Clothing) Swap

This is my personal favorite, and I love clothing (or any other kind of) swaps. You know what they say right, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Ask your girlfriends to bring 5-10 items that they have in their closet but don’t wear or like. See if you can swap between friends to renew your wardrobe without spending any money. 

Shoes, purses, or jewelry could also be involved. With shoes, it’s important to know whether people have around the same size, otherwise, it wouldn’t make sense. 

Shop without spending and exchange the things you don’t longer enjoy. This may be your first step to minimalism or decluttering your home

35. Check Out Yard Sales

When you want to have fun with your friends, look around for yard sales or flea markets. Look around if you see something you like and get to know the local community a little better. 

It’s fun to search for awesome bargains, perhaps even things that you can flip for a profit

One thing is for sure; you’re going to have a great day with your girlfriends!

36. Host A Paper Airplane Game 

Do you remember making paper airplanes in middle school? We would have serious competitions to see whose plane would fly the furthest. 

See if your girlfriends are up to this girls day out idea and have your very own paper plane competition. You’re NEVER too old for that. 

Whoever wins gets to pick the next activity you’re doing!

37. Take A Nap

Do you want some GREAT ideas for a girls day out? This HAS to be on the list, lol. Who doesn’t love taking naps? 

When you’re on a girls day out, it would not be necessary to take a nap (it would still be fun, and I would personally still want it). However, if you’re going away for an entire weekend with your girls, this may be very welcome. 

On most of the girls’ getaways, you won’t get a whole lot of sleep, so you may want to take a nap before you decide to drive home.

38. Go For A Swim

After you’ve all taken a nap, now it’s time for some activity! 

Many places have a public swimming pool or a public lake that you can visit. Swimming is a great way to spend time with your friends, plus it’s often free. 

39. Watch A Documentary

While this may not be for every girls day out, personally, I love documentaries. Documentaries can be super interesting, and they are available for free on several websites. 

Check out:

40. Have A Dance Party 

You don’t have to go out to have a party. Bring the party to you by blasting your favorite music and start dancing. 

If you want to turn it up, you can dress up or make it a themed dance party. 

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41. Worst Gifts Ever

Ask your friends to bring the worst gifts they have ever gotten. Exchange the gifts, and maybe you’ll even find something fun that you like. 

While this is not so likely, you will still have an afternoon of fun for sure!

42. Have A Smoothie Party

All bring your favorite fruits and veggies when you’re coming together, check your favorite smoothie recipes, and make a couple of them. 

You can all taste every smoothie and decide which one you like best. 

43. Scrap Booking

Creating scrapbooks may take a little organizing, but it’s worth it. All of your girlfriends can bring their favorite photos, stickers, glue, and of course, we can’t do this without glitter.

If you don’t have scrapbooking supplies, check out any scrapbooking supplies you may need here!


44. Go On A Road Trip

Hit the road with your friends and go on a road trip. Decide where you want to go and whether you will sleep in the car or perhaps go camping. 

If you’re feeling adventurous, you may just hop in a car and see where you end up. With this girls day out idea, fun is guaranteed!

It shows that you don’t have to take a trip to Tuscany or the Maldives to have fun. If you’re with the ladies, the itinerary is less important than spending quality time together.

45. Who Dresses Best?

Go off to the mall and go into your favorite stores. Make it a game who can wear the best, worst, or most colorful outfits. Try on different things in the fitting room and have fun!

Enjoy wandering around the department store and finding things that you would never personally wear but want to try out.

46. Pick Some Fruits

When you’re looking for fun girls day out ideas, why not pick some fruits? This is seasonal, so earlier in the season, you can pick berries, and later in the season, you can pick apples. 

You get to be outside with your friends, and you can bring home fresh fruits. Perhaps you can even up your game and make something from the fruits you have picked for your next get together!

47. Scavenger Hunt

Check out Pinterest or Google for some great scavenger hunt ideas, and you’ll have an entire afternoon filled with fun. You can make it as long and crazy as you want!

This is one of the more original ideas for a girls’ day out for sure!

48. Check Out Open Houses

I have a couple of friends who love looking at houses. Whether you want to remodel, move, or want to see how other houses are decorated, an open house is perfect for that. 

Every week there are many open houses where you can get some extra inspiration. Pinterest is not the only place for that. 

If your friends want to join you, this can be a great girls’ day out idea. 

49. Visit A Farm

If you’re living in the countryside, this can be an easy one. When you live in the city, this can be a little drive to visit a farm. Perhaps you know someone who lives there and has their own farm?

Drive out to the farm, wear your oldest clothes, and go out to cuddle with the animals they have there. Whether they have cows, pigs, sheep, or chickens, you will find some animals you love. 

Farmers love to show you around, and they love for you to get to know their animals.

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50. Talk About Finances

While it’s not the sexiest of things, talking about your finances with your friends is super important! I LOVE to talk about money all the time, so I also talk to my friends a lot about finances. 

Things you could discuss are:

51. Volunteer As A Group

Is giving back also important to your friends? You can volunteer as a group. Many projects would love some of your time. Spending a couple of hours helping could leave you fulfilled and the local community very happy. 

Volunteering is one of the many acts of kindness that you can do to help others!

52. Play Some Frisbee

Go outside and play some frisbee. This can be done anywhere outside where there is some space. 

Throwing around a frisbee is a great way to be outside, get some movement, and have fun with your friends on your girls’ day out. 

If you’re not so fond of a frisbee, bringing a volleyball can also be good fun!

Pro tip: if you want to get fit together with your girlfriends, start a beginner 30-day plank challenge.

53. Plan Your Next Getaway

Now that you’ve had this amazing time with your friends don’t forget to plan your next girls day out! It’s important to keep doing that because it’s great to keep connected with those around you, and I assume you’re having great fun with them. 

Spend Time Connecting With Your Girlfriends

When you are searching for ideas for a girls day out, it is not about how much money you spend but the people you’re with. It’s about reconnecting with your friends and having the best time!

90% of my girls days out are eating and chatting. I mean food, drinks, and friends – doesn’t that sound like your dream weekend? Meal plan ahead who is going to make what or bring your own things. 

Give yourself a break from the normal duties you have, and enjoy a day out with your girls. If you have extra time, consider a girls weekend away. With these great ideas for a girls day out, you won’t be bored!

What are your favorite no-spend ideas for a girls day out?

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