Electric ATVs and UTVs have arrived, and riders are discovering all the advantages these innovative vehicles offer when taking them off-road. By getting rid of the big, clunky engine, electric ATVs and UTVs use rechargeable lithium ion batteries to power their motors. And along with great power and speed, electric quads and side-by-sides are cost-effective, easier to maintain, and environmentally friendly. To help you fully understand the advantages of electric before making your next off-road vehicle purchase, ATV Trader is sharing eight benefits of electric ATVs and UTVs.

1. Electric ATVs and UTVs Are Powerful

Electric ATVs and UTVs don’t compromise when it comes to power, and in some cases they outperform other off-roaders running on fuel. Some models top out at about 60 mph and have over 350 hp, while certain makes can get up to 100 miles on a single charge. The electric motor also gives you immediate torque, instant acceleration, noticeable towing power, and an overall responsive vehicle.

2. You Will Save Money with an Electric ATV or UTV

While they can be more expensive up front when you buy a new ATV or UTV, electric quads and side-by-sides will end up costing less in the long run than vehicles powered by an internal combustion engine. All heavily used ATVs and UTVs will eventually need maintenance and repairs, which can be costly, and you’ll also be paying to refuel your vehicle. You can say goodbye to all of these costs with an electric off-roader. 

3. Electric ATVs and UTVs Are Enjoyable to Ride

Without an internal combustion engine, electric ATVs and UTVs weigh much less, which makes them more enjoyable to ride. Their light weight makes it easier for movement on tough terrain and gives you more ability to maneuver around obstacles. More freedom on your quad makes for a greater riding experience so you’re able to appreciate your outside surroundings while you ride.

4. Electric ATVs and UTVs Are Less Noisy

With a battery powering the motor, electric UTVs and ATVs have eliminated the loud noise that comes from the engine. Less noise also improves the riding experience, letting you leave your cares behind when you ride. Now you can take off on your vehicle and enjoy nature, with the sound of the wind hitting your helmet as you splash dirt on your tires.

5. Kids Can Ride Safely on Electric ATVs

Friendlier for families, smaller makes of electric ATVs can be great for kids learning to ride. Electric ATVs are lighter and easier to move around, which presents less hazards with the vehicle rolling over. They’re also easier to operate, with a straightforward design and vehicle controls, featuring LED displays and just a few switches.

6. Electric ATVs and UTVs Are Easier to Maintain

When you go electric, you can expect less complicated mechanical parts, less maintenance and repairs, and less headaches. Electric ATVs and UTVs run on batteries, controllers, and a motor, and that’s about as complicated as they get. Without an engine, oil, or fluids to maintain, you’ll have more time to enjoy riding.

7. Charging Your Electric ATV or UTV is More Convenient

You won’t have to worry about making a trip to the filling station to refuel your electric ATV or UTV. All you have to do is plug in and power up, conveniently from your own home garage. When your battery is fully charged, you’ll be ready to ride.

8. Electric ATVs and UTVs Are Eco-Friendly

Electric ATVs and UTVs are much cleaner to ride and maintain, doing away with carbon emissions, dangerous fumes, and oil leaks. Battery-powered vehicles take less energy to run, making them better for the environment. Going electric promotes eco-friendly ATV riding and shows you care about your natural surroundings and the earth you’re riding on with your powerful vehicle.

Electric ATVs and UTVs are emerging on the market and represent the future of off-roading. Built for excellent performance, they’re also cost-effective, family-friendly, and better for the environment. If you’re shopping for a new or used ATV or UTV, be sure to check out the nation’s largest inventory on Tr.com.