Let’s talk about The Orgasm Gap!

Sex should be fun, amazing, and end with a bang. But for many women in heterosexual relationships, this isn’t the case.

Welcome to “The Orgasm Gap,” the very real statistic that only 1/4th of women orgasm during heterosexual sex. And the women who can orgasm take an average of forty minutes to get there.

It isn’t men’s fault or women’s fault that heterosexual sex isn’t good at making women orgasm. It’s a fluke of anatomy, the clitoris is just off to the side of all the activity. What we need is not another vibrator shaped like a penis, what we need is an extra hand that doesn’t get tired.

And that’s where we come in. We’re here to take the work out of sex and bring back the play.

Introducing PETL: a truly hands-free vibrator

Our elegant and comfortable hands-free, female-centric design contours to women’s bodies so they can orgasm every time they have sex in about 5 minutes.

Wrapped in soft silicone, PETL has a flexible frame that clips around the pelvic bone and presses into the G-Spot. The other end of the clip has a vibrating motor that provides continuous clitoral stimulation in any position and ensures pleasure without distraction. It stays in place, needs no re-positioning, doesn’t bother male partners and it gives them an extra “hand” in bed.

And because all bodies are different, Petl initially comes in three different sizes!

About Come Play

We develop sex toys for the future. Using new materials and forms, our mission is to give you superpowers in bed. We are female-founded, and our mission is to make sure everyone has a good time.

CEO Piri Miller founded the company to solve the orgasm problem because she is one of the 75% of women in the world who fall into “the gap.” While there are tons of sex tech products for all types of tastes and needs, there are very few options for heterosexual couples that solve this problem. In fact, 89% of all couples say they would use a toy during sex if it was hands-free and unobtrusive.

So Piri went to work, collaborating with industrial and product designers to invent a sophisticated solution to a common problem. After personally trying fourteen test models, she landed on the perfect design that made her dream a wearable reality.

Two years and one U.S. patent later, Come Play is making its debut with a truly hands free device designed by women for women.


So why crowdfund on iFundWomen?

We are excited to launch our first crowdfunding campaign on iFundWomen because who better understands our product more than women? We want to fundraise with the group we are designing for: women who want satisfaction and are ready (dare we say excited?) for a solution.

With the introduction of PETL, Come Play is ready to change the sex toy market.

We have partnered with Doc Johnson, legendary California based sex toy manufacturer.

We are showing our first manufacturing prototype at CES in January, and are projected to ship in April 2020.

But, marketing a sex tech product is heavily censored-especially when the product is related to female pleasure. Facebook only allows ads on family planning, nothing on sexual wellness. While subways and print ads can advertise erectile dysfunction pills, an ad for PETL would be flagged as “adult content.”

In order to make our product known to women everywhere, we need your help to build our audience one person at a time. The money raised here will fund our grassroots marketing efforts around PETL’s debut. It will cover trade show costs, website developers, getting our message to marketing experts, influencers and journalists.

With your help, we are going to close the Orgasm Gap. And when PETL succeeds, we will keep on inventing. We plan to create new products for all demographics and body types so individuals can have the solutions they need to free themselves to have the sex lives that they want. We will focus on individual needs through multiple sizes and research because one-size-fits-all isn’t really inclusivity. Individuation is inclusivity. We see you.

Sex should be fun, pleasure is a fundamental human right, and Come Play won’t stop until everyone has superpowers in bed.