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Damon Baehrel is one of the world’s best and most exclusive restaurants with a reservation backlog of close to 6 years. Chef Damon Baehrel’s menu includes unique flours, pressed oils, preserved meats animal proteins & plants, tree sap and native plant-based brine & cooking liquids, and a lot more. Trend Inline uses various methods to make reservations. Through in-person reservations through our network of over 4000 proline standers. We also constantly track reservation statuses to find opportunities due to cancellations. We Have an average of 3 reservation spots a week at Damon Baehrel.

Price Meal deposit per guest – $425
Service charge – $150

Damon Baehrel Restaurant has no suppliers unless he chooses to utilize local meats, milk for preserving, or east coast seafood. Damon has developed many of the techniques he uses with over 42 years of experience in the restaurant industry. Formerly called Damon Baehrel at the Basement Bistro, the place was now simply called Damon Baehrel. Damon acts as the host, forager, farmer, butcher, chef, sous-chef, sommelier, waiter, busboy, dishwasher, and mopper. The 5hour +, 20 + course meal is a one in a lifetime experience. The meals are prepared and served on wood and stones. The average Damon Baehrel price is $435.00 per person (not including beverages, sales tax, or gratuity). A deposit of $425 needs to be paid in order to confirm a reservation. NB Damon Baehrel is NOT able to accommodate guests with food allergies or dietary restrictions.

Trend Inline has been reserving seats for our clients at Damon Baehrel since 2016. Damon Baehrel is open just 160 days a year with waitlist long as 6 years. Clients receive a confirmation of reservation, instructions, and code from Damon Baehrel once deposits have been made. Due to the COVID pandemic, the restaurant was shut down and reopened in July of 2020. All seatings will be private. This means seatings are limited to one individual reservation/party/table at a time/ This is to ensure your comfort, confidence, and safety.

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