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De Librije is a restaurant in Zwolle, Netherlands. It is a fine dining restaurant with 3 Micheline stars. De Librije restaurant was formerly located in the old library of a 15th- century Dominican abbey, hence the name “De Librije”. In 2015, the establishment moved to replace its secondary location. The chef de cuisine is Jonnie Boer and his wife Thérèse Boer-Tausch is maître and sommelier, a charismatic duo serving modern Dutch food in a former prison. The reservation desk opens on Mondays and Tuesdays. The waitlist of De Librije is 1 to 6 months.
The Librije menu:
Course Price Meal deposit – $300
Service charge – $95

De Librije restaurant has 2 menus which include 7 or 10-course meals. They also have a Librije's Vegetable Menu which is also 7 or 10 courses. The Librije vegetable menu 7-course meal- 199 Euros 10-course meal- 232 Euros.

TrendInline has been reserving tables at De Librije since 2018. Trend Inline uses various methods to make reservations. Through in-person reservations through our network of over 4000 proline standers. We also constantly track reservation statuses to find opportunities due to cancellations. We Have an average of 7 reservation spots a week at De Librije.

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