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What is Trend In Line

We are a line sitting and line standing service. We wait in line for our customers to buy limited edition products, update your wardrobe, book reservations, help you move to a new home, find discounts. This could be waiting in line for a Hamilton ticket or for a newly released iPhone, securing spots at Nike or Yeezy drops and supreme drops, or book hotels and restaurants with long wait times.  

Find someone to stand in line for you or cut the chase by purchasing trendy products that are in our shopping collection.

How do I place an order?

You could hire a pro stander to wait in line for you or have a pro stander buy an item for you by using our live chat platform or filling a request form all via our website. You could send us an email.

Ps: The spot or reservation is not transferable.

Our trend shop carries exclusive pre-purchased limited edition items that would be out of stock every month. Jump to the front of the line by shopping with us or buy raffle tickets that have already been won for limited edition products. Checkout our collection today!

Was my order confirmed?

Yes, reservation confirmations are supplied via email for online orders and confirmed in real-time if the request is placed over the phone.

How do I arrange to meet my stander?

We take the guesswork out of this process by providing you our Pro line stander’s number, picture, and secret code which you’re to use for identification. In cases where the item has to be shipped to you, we will handle deliveries ourselves through reputable shipping companies.

Do I have to be home to receive my grocery home delivery?
Nope. You can schedule the delivery to be left at your front door (back door, side door, office, garage –– you get the idea) and get them when it’s convenient for you. Of course, you should be mindful of the fact that they’re groceries and could be temperature sensitive. Just make arrangements beforehand on what you want to keep cool.
What if the store doesn’t have what I want?

No problem. Once you book a pro stander to wait in line, you two will communicate directly. That means if the store is out of your favorite sneakers, you can chat about whatever works for you via text, phone call,

If I need to reschedule, cancel, or change my order?

You may cancel or change a reservation at any time. Just drop us an email and initiate a live chat on our website.

Can you update me on new product releases and reservations trends you are analyzing?

Yes. Our Prostander Plus newsletter is a daily newsletter that gives you exclusive access to information aggregated by us on various topics such as product drops, reservations, cancellations, and more. You could also automate certain purchases automatically.
ProStander Plus is a one time fee of $2500.

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