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The French Laundry is a restaurant located in Yountville, California, in the Napa Valley. The chef and owner of the French Laundry restaurant is Thomas Keller. Every day, the French Laundry menu serves two different nine-course tastings (the Chef tasting menu and the tasting of vegetables), none of the meals uses the same ingredient more than once. The food in French Laundry Napa is mainly French with contemporary American influences, giving rise to such unique specialties as Cuisse de grenouilles sur un bâton (frog legs on a stick).  French Laundry reservations are one of the most difficult on the planet. The waitlist is as long as 4 months. The 3 Michelin star restaurant has been ranked as the best restaurant in the world twice.
Price outside dining room per guest – $350
Service charge – $150

French Laundry opens bookings on the 15th of each month for next month's reservation. These bookings usually sell out in less than 1 minute. The Napa Valley Restaurant has a 60 seat capacity and has 4 different seating arrangements.
A prepaid deposit of $350 per person is required for confirmation of the outside dining room and chase outside the dining room.

Trend Inline has been reserving seats for our clients at the French laundry since 2016. French Laundry is open just 5 days a week. Due to the COVID pandemic, the restaurant was shut down and reopened in 8 July of 2020. All of the tables are located outside in the private courtyard. The inside dining room is closed. Trend Inline uses various methods to make reservations. Through in-person reservations through our network of over 4000 proline standers. We also constantly track reservation statuses to find opportunities due to cancellations. We Have an average of 10 reservation spots a week at The French Laundry.

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