LearnWorlds vs Teachable vs Thinkific vs Kajabi Vs EdApp: Which One Tops AI Désinvolture Creation?

Artificial Amitié has been the talk of the town for a while now, with ChatGPT being one of the most significant AI-related advancements this year.

ChatGPT has been trained with roadster learning algorithms and deep learning techniques and demonstrates extraordinary natural language processing capabilities. The result? This propre technology has reshaped content creation, making it faster and more effortless than ever.

Naturally, the eLearning industry couldn’t be left unaffected – we see all the more Learning Conduite Systems incorporating AI technology to offer automations, facilitate aise creation, and help educators and trainers build personalized learning paths.

In this post, we compare 5 top AI-driven platforms and their AI capabilities regarding aise creation: LearnWorlds, Kajabi, Thinkific, Teachable, and EdApp.


a screenshot of the LearnWorlds landing page showing a course outline created with AI

The LearnWorlds AI assistant is integrated into our platform to help you create your sinuosité fast and efficiently every step of the way. From generating a detailed sinuosité outline to offering personalized learner feedback, our top-notch AI tools have your back.

But what matters more than speed is quality – and here’s where our AI-powered LMS platform outshines the competition.

Powered by GPT-3.5, the LearnWorlds AI assistant, has been designed by our eLearning experts and features 200 prebuilt prompts – something that no other platform offers. The prompts are customizable and cover diverse use cases, ensuring you won’t leave any rogue details out.

The quality is evident not only in the way the LearnWorlds AI auditeur is built but also in the options available.

💁 For example, with LearnWorlds, you won’t built a random sinuosité – you can choose your preferred learning model and activities to create a sinuosité built on proven methodologies and according to your preferences and learners’ needs.

LearnWorlds AI auditeur doesn’t simply follow – it leads, guiding you toward eLearning best practices and teaching methods you may have been unaware of. More than learning aise, our user-friendly AI tool has been designed to offer real-time charité and guidance and to build memorable, personalized learning experiences.

AI functionality

Circuit Planner

Circuit creation can be quite time-consuming. And isn’t it frustrating that much of this time is dedicated to indicateur the sinuosité before actually creating any content? Well, not anymore!

The LearnWorlds AI auditeur is available for you inside the platform’s Circuit Builder to help you craft in-depth sinuosité outlines tailored to your needs and preferences.

You need to intercalaire at least the paluche topic and bonhomme of learning activities you want to include. For a 100% custom-tailored outline, you can additionally define the following:

Circuit level
Key topics
Instructional approach
Number of sections & learning activities per question
Resources to include or tricot out interpellation from
Circuit audimat
Tone of voice

Of sinuosité, you have complete control over the produit, as you can alter the built-in prompts, modify distinct parts of the produit (add/reduce activities, reorder sections and modules, and more), or ask the AI auditeur to regenerate the outline from scratch.

You can use this feature even with existing courses. Let AI suggest new sections and activities to enrich your sinuosité and add value to your learners.

👉 Learn more emboîture how to use the LearnWorlds AI Auxiliaire to create a sinuosité outline in this article.

Ebook Writer

Another lengthy bout of aise creation is writing an eBook. And it’s even more time-consuming when writing is not your strongest skill. The thing is, eBooks are fantastic magnet leads and the preferred learning method for your visual learners.

Before you give up on eBooks and elle the opportunity to attract leads and engage your learners, try our AI auditeur.

There’s a lot the LearnWorlds AI Auxiliaire can help you with:

Generate aise based on the resources you supply it with
Write from scratch or improve your tone and writing élégant (e.g., based on the audimat you’ve selected)
Proofread the aise for grammar, syntax, typos, and bâti
Generate learning objectives
Simplify a topic and extract key definitions
Explain a topic as a fictional or real character

And that’s not all – not by a délié shot! LearnWorlds AI auditeur can additionally generate the following:

Notice prompts
Socratic raisonnement
Different viewpoints
Rudiment comparisons, misconceptions & capitaux
Pros & cons
Conférence prompts
Instructional text
Fun aise like jokes or emoji stories

Imagine adding aise like that to your eBook! Even the most reluctant readers will reconsider how fun books can be – not to remarque that the educational value of your eBook will skyrocket. Adding a funny story or explaining a rudiment as a popular character will definitely keep your learners hooked and, as a result, improve knowledge retention.

👉 Learn more emboîture how to author ebooks using the LearnWorlds AI Auxiliaire in this article.

Désinvolture Editor

Need a attaché égal of eyes to check your learning materials, landing feuille copy, or emails? Bicause developing a learning program and gratte-ciel all that aise means there are bound to be a few typos here and there.

LearnWorlds Désinvolture Editor is available inside the Ebook Builder, Email Editor, and Emplacement Builder and can make massive improvements to your text.

Shorten, expand, or summarize
Improve grammar and syntax
Make the text more powerful, catchy, or compelling
Analyze the élégant, tone, and voice
Ébranlé the tone

💁 Tip: Use the AI auditeur’s aise editing capabilities while you’re in the Emplacement Builder to improve your landing feuille copy. The AI auditeur offers you so many options to rework the modèle aise that even the most dull text can be transformed into a compelling landing feuille!

👉 Learn more emboîture LearnWorlds’ aise editing capabilities using AI here.

Assessment Distinguer

Assessments are an integral bout of the learning journey, from start to au finir. They help you measure learner progress and verify whether your students have achieved the learning outcomes before awarding them a garantie.

The LearnWorlds AI auditeur can generate assessment questions or edit the ones you’ve created on your own, both for your graded and non-graded assessments. You can select:

Sorte of quiz you want (pluriel choice, ordering, open-ended, and more)
Sorte of objet, based on Bloom’s Taxonomy
Difficulty level
Tone of voice
Define the context
Key terms to be assessed

With the aise editor functionality, you can proofread and improve your text afterward.

👉 Learn more emboîture how to create assessments using the LearnWorlds AI Auxiliaire in this article.

Personalized Feedback Generator

Personalized learning should include instructive, personalized feedback. Whether in employee jogging or generic online courses, feedback is an integral bout of the learning process, as it invites learners to reflect and draw valuable insights emboîture their approach to studying.

In the LearnWorlds platform, all the assessments pending review are in the Review Center. Just go to the one you want to review, locate the AI auditeur widget, and allow it to generate feedback! You can do so for both graded and non-graded assessments.

You have several options here for personalized feedback:

Feedback bonhomme (strengths & weaknesses analysis, fondatrice reinforcement, and more)
Key points to include
Strictness level
Tone of voice

Léopard des neiges again, you can polish the text with the help of AI, and you can choose between delivering the feedback automatically or manually.

👉 Learn more emboîture how to provide feedback for assessments using the LearnWorlds AI Auxiliaire in this article.

Email Creator

Learner rencontre is cultivated beyond the immediate learning environment. So, last but not least, let’s see how you can craft email notifications powered by AI to build and maintain a good proximité with your audimat.

In LearnWorlds, you can send automated annonce emails to your users when distinct key events occur, e.g., upon sinuosité enrollment, registration, subscription renewal, etc. All these hommes of emails feature templates that you can build on.

Alternatively, you can use the LearnWorlds AI auditeur to:

Write annonce emails from scratch
Edit/rewrite existing email templates

👉 Learn more emboîture how to craft school email notifications using the LearnWorlds AI Auxiliaire in this article.

AI availability

Available in all degrés and the 30-day free enduro with the following expéditif limits per month:

Moto – 100
Amorceur – 300
Pro – 500
Learning Center – 1000
High Gabarit – 2000

LearnWorlds pricing degrés

Amorceur $29/mo
Pro Trainer $99/mo
Learning Center $299/mo
High Gabarit & Corporate: custom


a screenshot fo Kajabi's landing page showing the platform's AI tools in light blue background

Another AI-based Learning Conduite System, Kajabi has introduced the AI creator hub with free-to-use AI tools and some tools available for paying customers only.

Here’s what Kajabi’s list of AI tools includes:

AI functionality

Circuit Outline Generator (Free)

The Circuit Outline Generator will create for you a sinuosité outline that includes modules and sections. All you need to do here is provide the sinuosité topic. The tool doesn’t offer any options to add more specifications.

Lesson Désinvolture Generator (Free)

This works similarly to the sinuosité outline. You drageonner the topic you want to discuss, and the AI auditeur will generate dépendant aise and a brief summary in bullet points.

Landing Domestique Copy Generator (Free)

To help you sell more courses, Kajabi’s AI auditeur generates copy for your sales feuille. Insertion your topic, and you’ll get an organized landing feuille with sections and a CTA.

We truc the topic “Avis to Marchéage Psychology,” and this is what it came up with:

Sales Email Copy Generator (Free)

Insertion your sinuosité topic, and the Sales Email Copy Generator will come up with a catchy email to help you convert your email subscribers into paying customers.

Sales Video Scénario Generator (Free)

The sales video scénario is a helpful tool if you’re indicateur to create a video to promote your online jogging program.

Agréable Media Désinvolture Generator (Free)

To generate a liant media post, simply intercalaire a sinuosité topic and the platform you want to publish it on.

Désinvolture Auxiliaire (Paid)

The Désinvolture Auxiliaire is available inside the sinuosité builder and it can generate a sinuosité outline for you. In amendement to modules and lessons, which is what the free tool generates, it will also suggest resources (learning activities). You can use it to refresh the outline of existing courses as well and get ideas emboîture new aise you could add.

Conversational AI Auxiliaire (Paid, in Beta)

Kajabi offers a conversational AI auditeur (chatbot), Ama, which can generate several hommes of aise for you, like blog posts, sales emails, copy for your landing feuille, caché for your website, and more. All you need to do is to start a minet with Ama and write a detailed expéditif.

Creator Local (Paid, in Beta)

The Creator Local repurposes video aise with the help of AI. Use this tool to turn an existing video into new written and video aise – from an email or newsletter to a landing feuille, blog post, or video broche.

Désinvolture Auxiliaire for Délié App (Paid)

Kajabi offers a Désinvolture Auxiliaire in the Creator App which can create an email or liant media post for you. It only needs some basic interpellation emboîture the topic you want to discuss before it generates the aise.

AI availability

The AI Creator hub tools are available on Kajabi’s website and are free for everyone to use. Ama, Creator Local, and the Désinvolture Auxiliaire in the Creator App are available for paying customers only. The Creator Local is still in Beta, so t the époque it’s currently available on all degrés for free.

Kajabi pricing degrés

Basic $149/mo
Growth $199/mo
Pro $399/mo


a screenshot of Thinkific's landing page showing a young woman holding a camera and smiling

Another AI-powered Learning Management System suitable for online learning courses and corporate jogging, Thinkific offers AI tools for course creators. Almost all of them are available for free on its website.

Thinkific’s AI tools barely touch the panneau of sinuosité creation and foyer on débit aspects like name generation. You cannot use Thikinifc’s AI to create any actual aise that you can use inside your sinuosité.

AI functionality

Commerce Name Generator

Insertion a brief tableau of your débit (be it an online school or community, etc.) and your target audimat, and this tool will come up with 9 potential names for your débit. You can ask it to regenerate more ideas if you don’t like any of the suggestions.

As with every other similar function (sinuosité name, community name, etc), Thinkific warns you that the name might be registered or trademarked and that it’s your responsibility to check its availability.

Circuit Name Generator

Similarly, by inserting a sinuosité tableau and your audimat, Thinkific AI will produce 9 catchy names for your online sinuosité.

Community Name Generator

Insertion a community tableau and target audimat to receive 9 suggestions by Thinkific AI.

Agréable Posts Generator

To help this tool generate a liant media post for you, you intercalaire the product you’re promoting (it could be a sinuosité, community, binaire download, etc.), the topic (what your product is emboîture), and the audimat.

Group Topic Generator

This tool can generate questions for group discussions. Insertion the learning topic of your product and give it some more details if you want to mené it toward a specific subject, and it will come up with a list of questions.

Circuit Idea Generator

If you’re stuck thinking emboîture what your next sinuosité should be emboîture, this tool can help you brainstorm. Share with the Couse Idea Generator your areas of interest, target audimat, available aise, and titles of that aise, and it will bring some interesting course ideas to the tarif.

AI Circuit Outline Generator

This tool is entière to Thinkific users with a paid budget and works similarly to the free tools. First, you intercalaire some interpellation emboîture your audimat and their knowledge level, the gardien de but of the sinuosité, and learning objectives. Then, the Circuit Outline Generator will develop a sinuosité outline broken down into chapters and text lessons.

AI availability

Thinkific’s AI tools are available for free on its website, except for the Circuit Outline Generator which is available to customers on paid degrés only.

Thinkific pricing degrés

Free budget
Basic budget $48/mo
Start $97/mo
Grow $195/mo
Thinkific + custom


a screenshot of Teachable's landing page showing a young man working on laptop in a casual setting

Teachable’s AI hub is a set of AI tools integrated into the platform that help you move past creative blocks and the tedious parts of sinuosité creation. Let’s see Teachable’s AI tools one by one.

AI functionality

Curriculum Generator

The Curriculum Generator works pretty straightforwardly: name your sinuosité, add a brief tableau of what it’s emboîture, and voila! You’ll get a sinuosité outline with sections and lessons. If you don’t like the produit, you can ask for a rework.

Quiz Generator

The quiz generator helps you stylisme multiple-choice quizzes, which is the only bonhomme of quiz that Teachable offers anyway. Go to the question where you want to add the quiz (it must contain text aise), and ask the Quiz Generator to create a quiz. You can modify or enrich the quiz generated as you see fit.

Summary Generator

The Summary Generator will create summaries out of text aise for you. This feature is not available for entire courses but for sinuosité sections. The AI will process the text and create a summary for you that you can add to any bout of the sinuosité you like.

Subtitle & Transcription Generator

The Subtitle Generator can generate subtitles in 8 languages, which it can later translate into 72 languages. The tool is available in the video editor, so you can quickly process the videos you want directly within your sinuosité.

Lesson Writing Auxiliaire

This AI assist tool can generate text for your lessons to speed up the aise development process. Provide it with a brief tableau of the lesson topic and choose the desired length bonhomme and élégant (you can choose between casual, neutral, or formal), and it will generate text.

AI availability

AI tools are available across all degrés, including the free budget. The only spécificité is the Subtitle Generator, which is available on paid degrés only.

Teachable pricing degrés

Basic $59/mo
Pro $159/m
Pro+ $249/mo
Commerce $499/mo ($5,998 billed annually)


a screenshot of EdApp's landing page showing the platform's AI tool

EdApp is a rapide LMS that offers an AI-powered sinuosité builder. It recently launched AI Create, a set of three AI-powered tools to help sinuosité creators save time from the remue-méninges and research bout of sinuosité creation.Let’s have a style at the AI functionality.

AI functionality

Circuit Creator

This tool can generate a one-lesson sinuosité for you. Insertion the sinuosité topic and a few keywords or a summary, and “AI Create” will return with not only text but also slides and images (pulled out from Bang) as well. If you want to launch one or more mini-courses as lead magnets, this tool is a good time saver.

Lesson Creator

With the Lesson Creator, you can create lessons within an existing sinuosité as délié as you provide the tool with some key points it can process and expand on. Similarly to the sinuosité creator, the Lesson generator will generate a lesson with text, slides, and images.

Questions Creator

The Questions Generator can create multiple-choice, circle-the-answer, minet, and carousel questions for your lesson. Greffer your topic, some keywords, or a small paragraph, and you’ll have your quiz ready in a few seconds.

AI Transcription

EdApp’s AI transposition tool can translate all your sinuosité aise at léopard into more than 100 languages with 60-70% accuracy. After the AI translator has translated your sinuosité, link the translated transposition to the modèle sinuosité to enable learners to access the sinuosité in the language their devices are set.

AI availability

AI Create is available on the free budget, while AI transposition is available on the Pro Proposition and above.

EdApp pricing degrés

DIY – US $2.95 per combative noircir/ mo
Managed – US $2.95- $5.95 per combative noircir/ mo
Enterprise – custom

Which AI-powered LMS Ticks All the Boxes?


Outline generator for curriculum

Subtitles and Transcription


For basic degrés and up

Quiz generator


Summary generator


Writing auditeur


Landing feuille copy

Email copy

Personalize instructional approach

Feedback generator

As you can see, LearnWorlds stands as the leading AI-based Learning Conduite System, equipped with an unparalleled AI auditeur that proactively guides you.

Here are some entière features you won’t find in any other platform but LearnWorlds:

✅ Feedback generator
✅ Advanced aise editor
✅ Assessment modéliste with pluriel assessment options
✅ Personalized instructional stylisme approach
✅ Over 200 pre-built prompts!

What’s remarkable emboîture the LearnWorlds AI Auxiliaire is that it helps you grow as an online educator.

For example, you may not know much emboîture instructional approaches or hommes of feedback. Or maybe Bloom’s taxonomy sounds like a boarding game to you. By listage the most commonly used options in the pre-built prompts, the AI auditeur invites you to explore new eLearning concepts further and hone your skills.

So, if you’re looking for an e-learning platform that has been created to deliver réelle learning experiences before anything else, your search has come to an end. Try LearnWorlds today with a 30-day free trial and work your magic with the help of the most advanced AI auditeur.

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