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Noma, Copenhagen is a 2 Micheline star restaurant which is known for its reinvention and interpretation of the Nordic Cuisine. Noma Restaurant, Copenhagen has been rank the best restaurant in the world 4 times. Noma is typically booked three to four months in advance. Once reservations open it’s said that a few thousand people try to secure a spot. Within an hour, everything is booked. The menu changes regularly to reflect seasonal ingredients, and everything is locally sourced. Noma closed for over a year a moved to a new location on artsy Refshalevej Island.

Price Meal deposit – $420
Service charge – $185

Noma opens for the Summer Season between 9 July and 3 October. The Restaurant opens this summer with a menu that celebrates the best of what they have offered these past two years. This also gives the restaurant a chance to work with, and support, as many people in their supply network as possible. So, alongside the best of what’s to offer from the plant kingdom, expect to find a piece of grilled seafood and perhaps a cut of meat on the menu during this period. You can expect the 20+ course meal experience to last between two and three hours. reservations are made in pairings of 2 people to 8 people. The prepaid reservation fee is DKK 2650 ($420) this price does not include a juice or wine however includes a sales tax. Once a spot is booked, we are required to prepay in order to save the position. TrendInline has been reserving tables at Noma since 2017. From the main restaurant to the temporal restaurant, Noma Mexico which was opened in Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico back in 2017.

Trend Inline uses various methods to make reservations. Through in-person reservations through our network of over 4000 proline standers. We also constantly track reservation statuses to find opportunities due to cancellations. We Have an average of 4 reservation spots a week at Noma. NB: if you are alone, we can pair you up with another lone guest to fill up the 2 guests per table requirement.

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