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Osteria Francescana, a three-Michelin-star restaurant based in Modena, Italy. Italian culinary traditions seen from ten kilometers away. Small, high-end venue serving artfully plated meat & fish dishes, with à la carte & tasting options. Osteria Francescana is, quite simply, one of the world’s greatest fine dining experiences. Massimo Bottura is a maestro with his skilful approach to contemporary Italian preparations, and when you add outstanding service and a world-class wine list curated by master sommelier Giuseppe Palmieri, you’ve got a restaurant that’s received just about every global accolade.
The seasonal 9-course tasting menu: $310 per person
Beverage pairing additional price: $140 per person

TrendInline has been reserving tables at Osteria Francescana Restaurant since 2017. Through in-person reservations through our network of over 4000 proline standers. We also constantly track reservation statuses to find opportunities due to cancellations. Reservations can be done here on TrendInline reservations section, which is always updated with the availability of the restaurant. We have an average of 3 reservations at Osteria Francescana weekly.

The world-famous award-winning, (three) Michelin star holding restaurant has become a celebrity of its own – one everyone who decides to visit Italy has at least once thought about eating at. And with good reason, since the dishes served by Chef Bottura at the Osteria Francescana restaurant find their roots in traditional, top-quality Emilian cuisine, but without forgetting to make a move towards the future, innovating and presenting products and produce with a refreshing, new look. The only problem? Booking a lunch or a dinner can be quite the process.

In the past few years, Massimo Bottura, the chef behind the Osteria Francescana, has been praised and regarded by the culinary world for a number of reasons: for being true to his roots in his style, mission and choice of ingredients, for bringing innovative ideas – literally – to the table, and for creating new dishes that contribute to create a unique dining experience.
Thanks to this, Chef Bottura’s fame has skyrocketed to the Olympus of Italian haute-cuisine, making his restaurant, one of the most exclusive in Italy, and the best restaurant in the world, according to “The World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2016”. The waiting list to book a table is of four months, so if you need to book for a specific date, or period of time (based on the days you’ll be in Modena), you need to be prepared.

The Dining Experience at Osteria Francescana Restaurant

The restaurant has three small dining rooms, each with just four tables seating two to four guests, so this is not the place to dine with a big group. The décor is spartan, with an odd lack of flowers; the only decoration on the table is a pile of homemade grissini bread sticks placed in the center. The actual tableware is lovely, an elegant frame for the food.

Diners can choose between the 12-course tasting menu or select individual dishes from the a la carte menu, many of which have become famous over the years. The current tasting menu is entitled “With a little help from my friends” and is a thoughtful homage to Italian cuisine of the past half-century. Each course honors a historic or contemporary Italian chef by reinterpreting one of their signature dishes, some dating back to the 1960s. There is also a parallel wine pairing menu that includes a wine-based cocktail, craft vermouth, and anisetta liqueur. Since we wanted to savor the full experience, we opted for the tasting and wine pairing menus.

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