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PIVOT Fitness Bed that turns into home gym, with a dedicated exercise space in your home without giving up a room or always having equipment in view. A place where you keep your exercise equipment, either available or hidden from view, simply by lifting or lowering the bed. Make the most of every square inch with the PIVOT Fitness Bed bedroom home gym. This is a bed frame that rotates up a full 90 degrees, revealing your home gym. Available in four models, the PIVOT Fitness Bed comes in Ultimate, Strength, Fitness, and Lite options. Additionally, this home fitness solution frees up space while offering a pull-up bar, complete power rack, bench, and weight area.

PIVOT solves many of the fundamental challenges to home exercise by opening up space for you to work out as it converts from a standard bed into a home gym. By lifting the bed into its vertical position, you instantly create a dedicated zone for exercise.

Providing unparalleled flexibility and convenience to your daily fitness routine, PIVOT Bed enables you to workout from the comfort of your own home, quickly, efficiently, and most of all, by bringing the gym into your home with the option to attach our signature PIVOT Power Rack* which completely folds out of view when not in use.

PIVOT is a modular concept: a base bed frame which allows for a multitude of add-on accessories such as pull-up bars, dip-bars, a fold-out power rack, mirror and storage solutions for your weights and barbell. You can add these later, or configure your PIVOT the way you want it from the start – the choice is yours

PIVOT Bed is made in the UK and manufactured from prime, powder-coated steel, providing a much stronger platform for your mattress than a standard bed, which eliminates any scope for sagging in the centre – one of the common causes of back pain. While there is a little flex in our bed frame, the focus is on keeping your back straight and allowing your mattress to do its job – providing cushioning and dealing with the natural curves of your body. PIVOT is designed to work with your existing mattress, and this is held onto the bed when upright using elastic straps over the corners, which go under your fitted sheet so they’re completely hidden from view. PIVOT should upgrade your sleep.

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Here are some of the features that the PIVOT® Bed includes:

  • Adjustable pull-up and dip bars.
  • Power-assisted lift — making it easier to raise the bed against the wall and reveal a power rack that can be securely locked in place.
  • Mat — matting “for all flooring.”
  • Device attachment — the center of the rack (on the underbelly of the bed) can support “virtually any device” (iPads, phones, tablets, etc).

The sizes available are a double or queen in the United States and a double or king in the UK and Europe.


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  • PIVOT EKO Mattress is covered by the 8 year warranty of the manufacturer, EKO Mattress, and your relationship will be with them, not us. We will facilitate any communication necessary, of course. PIVOT EKO Pillow is not covered by a warranty, as per the manufacturer’s terms.
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