We make dreams come through by enabling you to lay hands on the most sought after items. Buy your PS5 digital and Blue-ray Edition consoles. Or trade-in your old consoles for a new PS5 console. We offer free nationwide 2-day delivery.

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We use a mix of professional line standers, technology and our industry wide relationships to make sure the Play Station 5 is always in stock.

Playstation 5 Digital edition

PS5 digital edition delivers lightning-fast loading, deeper immersion, and an all-new generation of incredible PlayStation games. (Without Disk capacity) At a price of $589 with free 3-day shipping.

PlayStation 5 Blue-Ray edition

PS5 Blue-ray edition delivers lightning-fast loading, deeper immersion, and new incredible PlayStation games with backward compatibility with PS4 games. At a price of $699 with free 3-day Shipping

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How it Works

Trend In Line is a professional line sitter and line standers service aimed at eliminating your waiting time for new product releases like sneakers, iPhones, Air Jordans, Play Station, Xbox, tickets, fashion sales and more. The mission is to take the guesswork and time out of buying limited edition products that easily run out of stock and reserving your spot in long queues.

Our premium service skips the queue, does the shopping, reservation, and pickups, even offering discreet shipping to customers out of state & worldwide! Stop waiting in line Find someone to stand in line for you or cut the chase by purchasing trendy products you missed or want in our shopping collection.

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Reserve Your Trade In Spot

Reserve your trade-in Spot by filling the trade-in form at the end of this page, or by contacting us by email. We accept all used PS4 models, as long as the console is in working condition.

Ship Old PS4 Console

Once your spot has been reserve, we will send you a free shipping label which you will use to send your PS4 console. We will inspect the console within 24 hours to determine its trade-in value.

Receive New PS5 Console

Once the PS4 console has been inspected and confirmed, we ship your desired PS5 console to you. The process takes about a  week, from sending PS4 to receiving your PS5 at your doorstep.

Trade in for PS5 is the best place to trade your used game consoles and gadgets for a PS5. We trade in PS4 consoles for PS5 and other gadgets like Xbox, Phones, cameras,  and more. We accept consoles with dents and scratches provided the console works well. Our trade-in program are said to be one of the best in the industry as our trade-in credit is usually 25% higher than the rest. The entire deal takes between 4 to 5 days and we take care of the shipping cost by sending you a free UPS shipping label. Contact us today to get the New PS5.

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Why Choose Us

We have a network of line standers to hire someone to wait in line for you. Our team of experts uses innovative technology to make early reservations, buy reseller products and services online, allowing people to save time and follow their regular schedule.

Standing in line to save your time

We have been standing in line since 2014 on behalf of our customers for the hottest and most exclusive product drops. We have been in the front of the line on all iPhones starting from the iPhone 6. We also shop for you on days like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, prime day. Trend In Line connects you in real-time with line sitters to wait for you in long lines. No more worries. Contact us now.

Customer Commitment

We believe in enhancing brands and customer experience by providing an efficient, trustworthy service, that favors autonomy. Secure payment gateways with no hidden fees.

Connect with us for Help with Everyday Life.

In order to protect our community at this time, we offer contactless drop off delivery. Limit close contact with others outside your home by practicing social distancing.

Since people can spread viruses before they know they are sick, our Pro Standers help tackle your to-do list while following health measures to protect you from COVID-19.


I was trapped in Germany and couldn't leave due to Covid. I was able to buy and have a brand new PS5 delivered to my nephew within 2 days. It arrived on the 24th of Deceber. Just in time. I am officially the coolest Auntie in the World thanks to you guy. You made my year.

– Jayden M.

You guys rock!!! trendinline is officially the cheapest and fastest way to get your hand on a PS5. in 2 freaking days!!. You have had a customer for life

– Mike Kovschi

My entire home is in love with trend in line. Even my dog. Thanks for making my quarantine much less stressful . Great customer service.

Sasha Pulman

I traded-in my PS4 pro for a PS5 digital edition. I just received it now. I am super excited. Trendinline rocks. Thanks guys. It was very smooth. Could not have asked for anything better.

Damian N

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